About AzRISE

aml_outsideAzRISE is a global institute at the University of Arizona.  The Institute, created in 2007, stands as a leader in selecting strategic directions for research, development and analysis, enabling the formation of strategic teams, and guiding activities that will accelerate the adoption and deployment of solar energy in the state, nation, and world.

Volatile energy prices, the mandate to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through renewable clean energy, and the call for energy security in the national interest have a need for a university-based research center to provide leadership in tackling major roadblocks to the development of solar energy. AzRISE was formed to create and lead multi-disciplinary partnerships throughout academia, industry, and government with the goal of driving innovative solar energy solutions, grounded in sound research, economic, and public policy that work to transform the lives of individuals and communities.


The Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy is driving innovative studies that:

  • Apply fundamental science and engineering to the major problems in the broad adoption of solar energy.
  • Seed innovations that drive economic growth and new developments in solar energy utilization.
  • Foster multidisciplinary approaches that translate and expedite ideas born in research labs into marketplace solutions, while educating students to build a work force able to tackle and lead in multidisciplinary innovation.
  • Inspire innovations that form large-scale storage solutions to smaller scale applications like fully sustainable homes and solar-fueled cars.