AzRISE Core Team


Joseph H. Simmons, Director

Dr. Simmons, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, received his PhD in Physics from the Catholic University of America in 1969. His research interests run from quantum size effects in the optical properties of semiconductor clusters to nonlinear optical behavior of materials and glasses to optical properties and carrier dynamics in wide-gap semiconductors. In his current role as Director of AzRISE, he is involved in building teams to bring about innovations in science and technology required for widespread adoption of Solar Energy.



Kelly S. Potter, Co-Director

Kelly Potter is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona. She received her PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona in 1994. Prior to returning to the University, she spent 10 years conducting research at Sandia National Laboratories as a Principal Member of Technical Staff and Program Manager. Her current research interests focus on understanding and manipulating band-structure dynamics in optical materials for space/ionizing-radiation environments, for solar photovoltaic materials, and for linear and non-linear optical devices. As Co-Director of AzRISE, she is the lead PI on a Department of Education FUTURES grant in collaboration with Arizona Western College. She is also involved in building research initiatives related to PV degradation physics.



Richard C. Powell, Professor Emeritus

Dick Powell served as the Vice President for Research and is Professor Emeritus for the University of Arizona.  His research covered doped crystals and glasses: energy transfer, charge transport, vibronic spectra and radiationless processes.  He has also researched the development of four-wave mixing and multi-photon pico-second spectroscopy techniques, as well as the characterization of crystals and glasses for lasers, nonlinear optics and photorefractive applications and applications of solid-state lasers in medicine and industry.



Joey Pouliot, Director of Industrial Programs

Joey Pouliot manages the affiliates program, special projects and events for AzRISE.  She previously contracted to lead meeting planning efforts for the Arizona Leadership Summit on Solar Energy and Economics, the first Summit of its kind by AzRISE. As past Business Development Manager for ADI Meetings & Incentives and Director of Operations for Virgo Publishing, Joey handled a wide range of responsibilities in program development, organization, relationship-building and strategic creative development.