AzRISE Objectives


A world powered by renewable, clean energy where solar energy provides its natural share through the development of economic and efficient conversion devices and reliable energy storage systems.


Enable multi-disciplinary research, development and practical implementation of solar energy solutions to meet our energy needs by creating innovative collaborations in research, economic and public policy analysis and education/outreach.


Drive innovative solar energy solutions, grounded in sound research, economic and public policy that work to transform the lives of individuals and communities.

Vision For Arizona:
AzRISE faculty members, Richard Powell and Richard Wiener, scientists at Research Corporation for Science Advancement, have articulated a vision for Arizona that calls for 100% clean electrical energy by 2040.


This vision calls for maintaining the current level of nuclear and hydroelectric power while phasing out fossil fuels as a source of electrical power.  Solar and wind energy would be used to fill the need, to meet any growth in demand, and to provide an excess to be stored and exported to other states. This would provide Arizona with energy independence, the ability to attract new companies and jobs, and a stream of revenue.

Implementing this vision requires reducing the cost of photovoltaic systems, which is well within the industry’s roadmap for the next decade. It also requires the development of low-cost energy storage technologies, such as the AzRISE compressed air energy storage prototype now being deployed at the UA Tech Park.