Research Fellows

AzRISE is pleased to offer the position of Research Fellow to a select number of graduate and undergraduate students who work with AzRISE affiliated faculty.


AzRISE Research Fellows pursue undergraduate and advanced degrees in engineering and science while working on research projects concerned with solar or renewable energy systems and technologies. In addition to conducting research, AzRISE fellows participate in an extensive range of education, outreach and demonstration project initiatives. Examples include the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) judging and award presentation, Math Science and Technology Funfest, Girl Scout programs and outreach, Hands-On Science in the Classroom outreach, UA Solar Car projects, AzRISE solar house projects, AzRISE solar test yard projects, web content development and public education projects.

The AzRISE Research Fellows Program is under the direction of Dr. Kelly S. Potter, Co-Director AzRISE, Professor ECE, OSC.

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Present Fellows


Adria Brooks

Adria Brooks received a B.S. degree in Engineering Physics with a concentration in Sustainable Energy Engineering from the University of Arizona. Adria is researching photovoltaic module performance and reliability as a Solar Test Yard Research Technician under the guidance of Dr. Joe Simmons and Dr. Alex Cronin. Adria also participates in community outreach as a solar energy educator.

Scott De Valle is seeking a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering to be completed in the spring of 2012.  His area of research is regional specific solar module lifetime. His interests are in predicting and preventing material degradation caused by environment and performance. His area of study us under the guidance of Dr. Kelly Simmons-Potter, Co-Director of AzRISE.



Deanna Lewis

Deanna Lewis completed her MBA at the University of Arizona’s Eller School of Management and two years as a UA/NASA Space Grant Fellow for Photovoltaic Outreach and Education.  In her spare time she can be found at the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health working on her doctorate or volunteering at the Dequenesh Community Health Clinic.


Past Fellows


Boris L. Glebov

Boris L. Glebov received his Ph.D. in Optical Sciences in December of 2010. His research interest is the formation of color centers in YAG crystals. In particular he focused on improving material resistance to ionizing radiation through composition engineering.



Sean Martinez

Sean Martinez pursued his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. While there,  he worked for Nissan Technical Center North America from 2002 to 2006 as a Co-op Engineer and authored a thesis titled “Acceleration Control and Throttle Mapping.” After completing his studies at Kettering University, Sean was hired by Freeport McMoRan Mining Company as a Mine Technology Engineer in 2007. During his tenure at Freeport Sean used his automotive engineering talents to address corporate wide haulage challenges and implement both short term and long term technology solutions. In 2009 Sean returned to school to further his formal education with a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering at the University of Arizona. Early in his graduate career Sean began working on the University of Arizona’s solar racecar where he took a co-leadership position on the Arizona Solar Racing Team, which began his relationship with AzRise. The car was entered in the Shell EcoMarathon in 2009 and performed very well. Sean also held a Research Assistant position with the Systems and Industrial Engineering department where he helped lead a new multi-disciplinary course with the goal of building a full size hydraulic drive autonomous vehicle. In April of 2011 the vehicles were driven autonomously for the first time and was a major accomplishment for the students and the University. Sean graduated in May of 2011 with his Masters of Science in Systems Engineering.


Esfand Mazhari

Esfand Mazhari holds a PhD. in Systems and Industrial Engineering from the University of Arizona. His AzRISE related research interests include Simulation and Optimization of Renewable Energy Network and Hierarchical Modeling and Control.



Carolyn Swanborg

Carolyn Swanborg is pursuing a MS in Materials Science & Engineering. Her area of interest is  Temperature Dependence of Solar Cells.