Automated PV cell Characerization System

Authors : B. Cocilovo, A. Amooali, K. Yamnitzkiy, A Guilmo, J. Roberts, R.A. Norwood, N. Peyghambarian, M. Fallahi

The accurate measurement of the characteristics of a wide range of solar cells based on different technologies, from silicon to polymers, requires a standardized testing process. The existing photovoltaic devices use thin films, multi-junctions, quantum wells or dots and various semiconductor or organic materials depending on the cost, efficiency, and flexibility desired. The measurements on reference cells that have been made agree with NREL calibration measurements to better than 0.9% for the fill factors and better than 3.1% for the efficiencies, showing the excellent accuracy of our system. This poster describes in detail the important solar cell parameters to take into account and the key elements of our characterization system. In addition, the results of fabricated organic solar cells are shown.

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