AzRISE Research Overview


AzRISE focuses on solar energy research that is essential for promoting the growth of solar energy!
AzRISE carries out much of its work around particular initiatives.  These initiatives are sets of projects that are organized to deliver solutions to areas of significant impact in the world of solar energy. These initiatives have technical, economic, social and political elements, requiring systems-level strategic thinking and solutions.

Fundamental Research

AzRISE funds and supports fundamental research through jointly obtained external grants with faculty and through SEED projects. AzRISE also assists in the development of central instrumentation facilities for the support of solar energy research by faculty and industrial partners.

AzRISE will assist in the development of research teams and responses to grant solicitations as well as partner with other groups in securing funds for research. To-date, AzRISE funding in solar energy has led to the initiation of many well-funded research programs.


From smart grids to energy storage, utility-scale solar will only be achieved through a system-wide approach. AzRISE creates holistic models and demonstrations that integrate the technical, financial, governmental, social, and ecological aspects of solar energy to transform our energy infrastructure.