Funded Seed Projects

New Seed projects are being funded by the Institute for the Environment.

Funded Seed Projects:

AzRISE 2012 Emerging Research

Project listing coming soon! (Alex Cronin’s projects, CAES project)

2011 project – Alex Cronin and Eller Business School  - Solar Train

AzRISE 2011 Emerging Research
Project listing coming soon! (Alex Cronin and Eller Business School project, Alex Cronin’s TEP Solar Test Yard projects)

AzRISE 2010 Emerging Research (Third Year Research Review)

Sunlight Collection and Concentration

1. Holographic Planar Concentrator – Raymond K. Kostuk, Brian Myer and John Brownlee and Glenn Rosenberg (ECE and Physics Departments and Prism Solar) – Poster Book 1

2. Weather Effects on Solar Power Production – W. C. Conant, N. Johnson and A. Wonaschutz  (Atmospheric Sciences Department) – Poster Book 1. More than 50% of solar radiation interacts with the atmosphere before it reaches the Earth’s surface. This research develops technology needed to quantify and provide predictions of the effect of the atmosphere and weather on ground-level solar irradiance, in order to provide forecasts of technology specific power production on time scales from minutes to seasons.

3. Holographic Concepts and Applications for Solar Energy Systems, Raymond Kostuk, Jose Castro, Deming Zhang and Brian Myer, Glenn Rosenberg, Jose Castillo and Glenn Russo, ECE and Prism Solar. – Poster Book 2

4. Optical Metrology of Solar Reflector Panels with a High Density Hartmann Sensor  – Eduardo Bendek (Optical Sciences College) – Poster Book 1

5. Testing a Full Aperture f/4.0 Solar dish – James Johnson, Jim Burge and Roger Angel (Optical Sciences College) – Poster Book

6. Optical Concentrator Design and Test of Concentrating Photovoltaic Cells, Guillaume Butel, Suresh Sivanandam, Jared Gabor and Roger Angel, OSC and Astronomy. Poster Book 2

7.Concentrated Solar Cooking and Heating System, M. M. Valmiki, Abdulla Al-hamidi, 2Javier Heyer, matthew Morgan, Jeremy Wagoner, Peiwen Li, AME Dept. – Poster Book 2

8. Software Configurable Optical Test System (SCOTS), Robert Parks, Roger Angel, Jim Burge, Peng Su and James Johnson, Stewart Observatory and OSC. – Poster Book 2

PV Materials Studies

1. Application of Electromagnetic Full-Wave Modeling for Porous Silicon Photovoltaic Devices – Christin Lundgren Loychik, Kelly Simmons-Potter and Kathleen L. Melde (ECE Department) – Poster Book 1, 2

2. Charge Transfer in Excitonic Solar Cells – Laura K. Schirra, Michael L. Blumenfeld, Mary P. Steele, Brandon S. Tackett and Oliver L. A. Monti (Chemistry Department) – Poster Book 1

3. Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of Charge Injection Processes in Thin films on ITO: 1) poly(3,4ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT/PSS); 2) tethered CdSe Nanoparticles  – Zeynep Ozkan Araci, R. Clayton Shallcross, Neal R. Armstrong and S. Scott Saavedra (Chemistry Department) - Poster Book 1

4. Characterization of Charge Injection in Thin Films of Tethered Semiconductor (CdSe) Nanoparticles on Transparent Conducting Oxides: Essential Steps in Sensitization of New Photovoltaic and Solar Fuel-Producing Energy Conversion Systems  – Zeynep Ozkan Araci, Clayton Shallcross, Brooke Beam, Neal R. Armstrong and S. Scott Saavedra (Chemistry Department) – Poster Book 1

5. Semiconducting SWCNT’s as Nano-Pillars for Improved Efficiency in Organic Photovoltaics  – Konstantin Yamnitskiy, Yekaterina Shtyrkova, Palash Gangopadhyay, Jayan Thomas, Ramakrishna Voorakaranam, Robert A. Norwood and Nasser Peyghambarian (Optical Sciences College and MSE Department) – Poster Book 1

6. Nanoimprinting for Organic Solar Cell Fabrication  – Palash Gangopadhyay, Jayan Thomas, Robert A. Norwood and Nasser Peyghambarian (Optical Sciences College) – Poster Book 1

7. RF-Sputtered Ge-ITO Nanocomposite Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications  – G. Shih, T. Bukowski, B. G. Potter, Jr. and J. H. Simmons (MSE Department and Optical Sciences College) – Poster Book 1, 2

8. Nanoarchitectured Organic Solar Cells, P. Gangopadhyay, J. Thomas, K. M. Yamnitskiy, R. A. Norwood, N. Peyghambarian, OSC – Poster Book 2

9. New Solar System Sealants by Plasma Polymerization  – Stephanie Tolbert and Douglas A. Loy (MSE and Chemistry Departments) – Poster Book 1

10. Automated Photovoltaic Cell Characterization System – A. Guilmo, J. Roberts, K. Yamnitzkiy, P. A. Blanche, R. A. Norwood, N. Peyghambarian, M. Fallahi (Optical Sciences College) – Poster Book 1,

11. PV System Degradation Rates in Tucson, S. Pulver, W. Henry, D. Cormode, J. Veatch, K. Pounds and A. Cronin, OSC, TEP, Physics and ECE.- Poster book 2

Energy Storage

1. Compressed-Air Energy Storage Systems for Stand-Alone Off-Grid Photovoltaic Modules – Krishna Muralidharan, Pierre A. Deymier and Deorge Frantziskonis (MSE and CEEM Departments) – Poster Book 1, 2, Year 3

2. Solar Energy Storage Using Compressed Air in Geologic Repositories  – Ben Sternberg, Phil Stokes, Lianyang Zhang, Saeed Ahmari, Steve Dvorak, Joseph Simmons, Herb Hayden, Sonya Dancoe, Ed Nowatzki, Randy Post, Naresh Samtani, Shoba Maraj, Nick Barbato and Sarah Grubaugh (Laboratory for Advanced Subsurface Imaging, CEEM, ECE, MSE, MGE and Geosciences Departments, Southwest Solar Technologies and NCS Consultants) – Poster Book 1

3. Solar Energy Storage: the Search for Geological Reservoirs in Arizona, Ben K. Sternberg and Philip J. Stokes, Geological Eng.- Poster Book 2

4. Large Capacity Heat Storage for Extended Operation of a Solar Thermal Power Plant  – Peiwen Li, Jon Van Lew, Cholik Chan, Larry Sobel, Jake Stephens (AME Department and US Solar) – Poster Book

5. Integrating Super-Capacitors With Solar Cells for Improved Efficiency  – J. Brews, D. F. Gervasio, J. Gustafson, J. Lee, O. A. Palusinski (ECE Department, School of Materials @ ASU) – Poster Book 1

Systems Designs


1. TEP Solar Test Yard Research – A. Cronin, V. Lonij, N. Davidson, R. Price, R. Kostuk, W. Conant and W. Henry (Physics, ECE and Atmospheric Sciences Department, Optical Sciences College and Tucson Electric Power) – Poster Book 1, 2

2. The Effect of Partial Shade on PV Systems, N. Thakkar, A. Cronin, J. Veatch, D. Cormode, S. Pulver, K. Pounds and W. Henry, Physics, Economics, OSC, ECE, TEP. Poster Book 2

Integrated Energy Conversion and Storage Systems

1. Solar Tower Power Plant, Hermann F. Fasel and Andreas Gross, AME. – Poster Book 2, Year 3

2. Modeling and Management of Distributed PV Generation, Storage and Grid, Young-Jun Son, Larry head, Joe Simmons and Ardeth Barnhart, SIE and AzRISE.

3. Evaluation and Development of Optimization Methodologies for Energy-Aware Scheduling  – Susan Lysecky, Young-Jun Son and Janet Wang – Year 3

Sustainable Living

1. SEED[pod] Solar Energy Efficient Dwellings  – UA Solar Decathlon Team (12 students and 6 faculty) – Poster Book 1

2. The Urban Concept Car – UA Solar Racing Car Team (11 students and 3 faculty) – Poster Book 1


1. Manipulation of Algal Genes Important for Energy Storage and Biofuels Production - Michael Cusanovich – Year 3

Solar Desalination

1. Direct Solar Desalination – Wendell Ela, Bob Arnold and Eduardo Saez – Year 3

Economic Analysis

1. Solar Possibilities for Arizona Homeowners, Students and Businesses  – Lon Huber (Eller School of Management) – Poster Book 1

2. Arizona Solar Energy,  Economics and Public Policy Outlook  – Ardeth M. Barnhart, William P. Patton, Stan Reynolds, George Frisvold, Dave Berry, Wayne Shirley, Amanda Ormond, John Madocks, Barry Broome, Tom Hansen, Lon Huber, Benjamin Lyons, Jordan Lillie and Ruchika Agrawal (AzRISE, Economic and Business Research Center, Economics Department, Ag and Resources Economics, Western Resources Advocates, Regulatory Assistance Project, Ormond Group, General Plasma, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, Eller School of Management, Bi-National Institute, Arizona Water Institute, ChEE Department, Biosphere 2, New Mexico University) – Poster Book 1

3. Eller field Project: Solar PV and CAES Field Project, Benjamin Lyon, Kevin Pieters, Micky Thompson, Prajani K. C., Price Fishback, William Patton, Linda Saulsby and Ardeth Barnhart, Eller and AzRISE. Poster Book 2

4. Eller field Project: Solar Policy Analysis for Arizona, Yuam-Dun Dehng, Todd Leber, Ambarish Majumdar, Patrick Moore, Robert Reynolds, Price Fishback, Linda Saulsby, Ardeth Barnhart and Chrystie Burr, Eller and AzRISE. – Poster Book 2

5. Economic Impact of Solar on Greater Tucson, William A. Foster, AzRISE – Poster Book 2

Policy Center

1. Public Policy Center for the SW US - Ardeth Barnhart – Year 3

2009 Research
2008 Research