2009 Research

AzRISE Second-Year Poster Session

AzRISE presents a Second Year Poster Review

  1. AzRISE Overview, J. H. Simmons, AzRISE.

Photovoltaics Research and Measurements

  1. Application of Electromagnetic Full-Wave Modeling for Porous Silicon photovoltaic Devices, Qian Li, Kelly Simmons-Potter and Kathleen L. Melde. ECE Dept.
  2. RF Sputtered Ge-ITO Nanocomposite Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications, C. G. Allen, G. Shih and B. G. Potter, MSE.
  3. PV System Degradation Rates in Tucson, S. Pulver, W. Henry, D. Cormode, J. Veatch, K. Pounds and A. Cronin, OSC, TEP, Physics and ECE.
  4. Nanoarchitectured Organic Solar Cells, P. Gangopadhyay, J. Thomas, K. M. Yamnitskiy, R. A. Norwood, N. Peyghambarian, OSC.
  5. Automated Photovoltaic Cell Characterization System, B. Cocilovo, A. Amooali, A. Guilmo, J. Roberts, R. A. Norwood, N. Peyghambarian, M. Fallahi, OSC.
  6. TEP Solar Test Yard Research, A. Cronin, J. Veatch, D. Cormode, N. thakkar, S. Pulver, K. Pounds, W. Conant, W. Henry, R. Kostuk and D. Lewis, Physics, OSC, Economics, ECE, Atmo, TEP and Eller.
  7. The Effect of Partial Shade on PV Systems, N. Thakkar, A. Cronin, J. Veatch, D. Cormode,  S. Pulver, K. Pounds and W. Henry, Physics, Economics, OSC, ECE, TEP.
  8. Modeling and Management of Distributed PV Generation, Storage and Grid, Young-Jun Son, Larry head, Joe Simmons and Ardeth Barnhart, SIE and AzRISE.

Optical Concentrators

  1. Optical Concentrator Design and Test of Concentrating Photovoltaic Cells, Guillaume Butel, Suresh Sivanandam, Jared Gabor and Roger Angel, OSC and Astronomy.
  2. Concentrated Solar Cooking and Heating System, M. M. Valmiki, Abdulla Al-hamidi, Javier Heyer, matthew Morgan, Jeremy Wagoner, Peiwen Li, AME Dept.
  3. Software Configurable Optical Test System (SCOTS), Robert Parks, Roger Angel, Jim Burge, Peng Su and James Johnson, Stewart Observatory and OSC.

 Energy Storage Research

  1. Compressed Air Energy storage systems for Stand-Alone, Off-Grid Photovoltaic Modules, Dominique Villela, Sriram Ashok, Krishna Muralidharan and Pierre Deymier, MSE Dept.
  2. Solar Energy Storage: the Search for Geological Reservoirs in Arizona, Ben K. Sternberg and Philip J. Stokes, Geological Eng.
    Solar Tower Power Plant, Hermann F. Fasel and Andreas Gross, AME.
  3. A Planar Microfabricated Solar Electrolyzer for Distributed Hydrogen Generation, Linan Jiang, Brian Meyer, Karen Tellefsen and Stanley Pau, OSC, Cookson Electronics.
  4. Solar Economics
    1. Solar PV and CAES Field Project, Benjamin Lyon, Kevin Pieters, Micky Thompson, Prajani K. C., Price Fishback, William Patton, Linda Saulsby and Ardeth Barnhart, Eller and AzRISE.
    2. Solar Policy Analysis for Arizona, Yuam-Dun Dehng, Todd Leber, Ambarish Majumdar, Patrick Moore, Robert Reynolds, Price Fishback, Linda Saulsby, Ardeth Barnhart and Chrystie Burr, Eller and AzRISE.
  5. Economic Impact of Solar on Greater Tucson, William A. Foster, AzRISE
  6. Solar Tower Power Plant, Hermann Fasel and Andreas Gross. AME.
  7. Holographic Concepts and Applications for Solar Energy Systems, Raymond Kostuk, Jose Castro, Deming Zhang and Brian Myer, Glenn Rosenberg, Jose Castillo and Glenn Russo, ECE and Prism Solar.