Photovoltaics, PV


AzRISE research in photovoltaics focuses on improving conversion efficiency, reducing cost and increasing module reliability while reducing environmental impact. These three components are critical to the development of an industry that promises to revolutionize the world of energy generation.

Conversion efficiency is affected by many factors:

  • Junction design (ie. single or multiple junctions)
  • Semiconductor design and properties
  • Electrode material
  • Sunlight absorption efficiency
  • Carrier transport to electrodes

Cost reduction comes from many directions, including:

  • Processing method
  • Material design
  • Manufacturing capacity and marketing

Increased module reliability while reducing environmental impact:

  • Measurements of module reliability and lifetime
  • Development of improved sealing materials
  • Studies of materials degradation processes due to weather and sunlight exposure
  • Development of substitutional materials to replace highly toxic and rare materials in photovoltaic thin films
  • Recycling program evaluations

AzRISE research has focused on processing method and material design, while working closely with economic analysis.  Our policy program has focused on developing manufacturing clusters and developing policy that will fuel demand and reduce cost through increased manufacturing volume.

Team Members:

1a. New materials:
B. G. Potter
Kelly Simmons-Potter
Kathleen Melde
1b. Measurements:
Alex Cronin
Joe Simmons
B. G. Potter
Adria Brooks
Dani DellaGuistina
Christian Bokrand (FGCU)
1c. Degradation:
Kelly-Simmons Potter
Alex Cronin
Adria Brooks