Industry Partners

The Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy (AzRISE) Affiliates Program provides a unique opportunity to forge an innovative partnership with the most comprehensive and successful renewable energy program in the Southwest.  Working with industry, business, utilities, government or other stakeholders involved in solar and renewable energy, the ultimate goal of the AzRISE Affiliates Program is to support and develop the solutions needed for rapid growth and expansion of the solar energy economy.

These solutions integrate advanced research and technology with economics and policy development to build test beds and demonstration facilities in renewable energy conversion, energy storage, electrical power distribution, independent tests of the function and performance of commercial solar modules and related material testing, and the smart grid.

Join the AzRISE Affiliate Program today as we together, harness our efforts to solve these critical problems in the deployment of solar and renewable energy.  Program highlights include opportunities to partner with AzRISE and UA faculty on research programs, venues to install, test and evaluate new technology, performance analysis reports of measurements, complimentary attendance at AzRISE workshops, seminars and networking breakfasts, and direct connection to qualified interns and graduating students.  Levels of participation range from $20,000 to $100, with benefits matching your partnership needs.

For additional information contact:  Joey Pouliot, Director of Industrial Programs, at or (520) 425-0469.


Affiliate Program Brochure Download PDF