Benefits: Why Become an Affiliate?

Affiliates have access to the range of research, expertise and analysis that is the hallmark of AzRISE. They also have the opportunity to directly share in the innovation, growth and economic development of the solar energy revolution through access to a breadth of renewable energy projects and solutions not found elsewhere in the United States.


Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Access to AzRISE reports and publications, including a quarterly newsletter.
  • Attendance at quarterly research discussion groups.
  • Availability of solar performance analysis and reports of measurements at test beds, the solar decathlon house and on solar electric vehicles.
  • Option for private consultation with AzRISE experts and connections with UA faculty working in solar energy.
  • Complimentary attendance at all AzRISE sponsored workshops and research seminars.
  • Internship opportunities with interested UA undergraduate students.
  • Access to resumes for graduating UA students in solar energy.
  • Participation in entrepreneurship¬†program development.
  • Participation in the planning for training courses and distance learning.
  • Display opportunities at networking breakfasts.
  • Placement of company logo link on the AzRISE website.


Additional Research Affiliate Benefits:

  • Opportunity to partner with AzRISE and UA faculty in funded solar research programs, measurements and in the development of joint proposals and joint programs.
  • Opportunity to install, test and evaluate technology at AzRISE demonstration sites.
For additional information contact:  Joey Pouliot, Director of Industrial Programs, at or (520) 425-0469