Modeling and Management of Distributed PV Generation, Storage, and Grid

Authors : Young-Jun Son, Larry Head, Joe Simmons and Ardeth Barnhart

To reduce carbon dioxide created from traditional fossil fuels when burnt and make our environment healthier, providing an energy share from renewable sources (e.g. sunshine, wind, water, bio-fuel) is critical.

Major challenges associated with solar (focus of this research) generation

  • Geographically distributed and uncontrollable (dependent on the changing weather)
  • Storage units are additionally required (save energy for night (short-term); save energy for peak season (long-term))
  • Interface with grid, smart-grid (emerging), and other sources (fossil, wind, water, bio-fuel)

Research Goal: design and develop integrated simulation and optimization models which will allow us to

  1. obtain a robust and most economical mixture of various generation capacities as well as storage capacities while meeting reliability requirements against fluctuating demand profiles and weather conditions
  2. evaluate various operational decisions (e.g. store energy vs. sell it to the grid).

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