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Racing the Sun: A Solar Go-Kart Competition

AzRISE was a proud sponsor of this 2011 – 2012 pilot program which involved three area high schools.  This event was designed as a STEM (Science, TechnoloCieniga rechargegy, Engineering and Math) program which used solar energy as the focus technology.  Throughout the year students shared and presented design concepts, challenges, strengths and experience while developing their cars.  The race was a two stage event which included speed and endurance.    This competition linked industry with students to work collaboratively to design and test basic engineering and science concepts.  The race was also sponsored by the UA Office of University Research Parks and was held at the UA Tech Park in April, 2012.  Three local high schools, Cienega, Sunnyside and Pueblo, participated in this race winnersevent.  Another competition is to be held in 2013.

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