Solar PV and CAES Field Project

Authors : Benjamin Lyon, Kevin Peters, Micky Thompson, Prajani K.C., Dr. Price Fishback,Dr. WilliamPatton, Linda Saulsby, Ardeth Barnhart, Dr.Joseph Simmons, Yuarn-Dun Dehng, Todd Leber, Ambarish Majumdar, Patrick Moore Robert Reynolds, Dr. Price Fishback, Linda Saulsby, Ardeth Barnhart, Chrystie Burr

One proposed solution to the intermittent nature of Photovoltaic (PV) electricity production is the use of compressed air energy storage (CAES). In order to asses the financial feasibility of such a project, a team of MBA students worked with faculty at the Eller College of Management to develop an economic optimization model.

The economic, social and environmental justifications for harnessing Arizona’s abundant renewable solar energy have made dramatic gains in recent years. The primary objective of this study was to assess the five most progressive states regarding solar policy incentives and identify those policies which would have the greatest potential impact for opening the commercial solar market in Arizona.

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