AZ Rise

AZ Rise is a family-owned moving company started in sunny Phoenix, AZ. When we moved to Phoenix from NYC in the early 2000s, we had a terrible moving experience. The interstate movers we hired in New York were a week late getting our belongings to our new home, misplaced two boxes filled with heirloom china, and broke our beautiful antique armoire. As they unloaded our things, they scraped up walls and stained our new carpets with their dirty shoes. After this dreadful move, we were inspired to start our own moving service that would focus on serving customers well, so others wouldn’t have to endure experiences like ours.

We got started with one truck and hired two college kids from Arizona State to help service our initial moves. Within a year, word spread, and we had three trucks and a small team of full-time moving staff. Today, we operate a nationwide moving business with locations in Phoenix-Scottsdale, San Francisco, and our old stomping grounds, Brooklyn, NY. We look forward to serving each customer with moving services customized for their needs, and always promise friendly service and cheap rates. If you’re looking for local movers or and interstate moving and storage company you can trust, you’ve come to the right place! Let AZ Rise help coordinate the logistics of your upcoming move.