Six Things You Should Donate or Sell Before Moving Out-of-State

Moving into a new home is a big step; you have to make many important decisions along the way. You have to think carefully about what you will take with you. This is an essential question for anyone, and it is especially important if you are moving across the country to a new state. Are there things that can be safely donated or sold – if so, what? Here’s a list of six things Cheap Denver Movers (website) suggests that you donate to the thrift store or even send to the trash.

1. Old Clothes

Moving is a great time to get rid of clothing that no longer fits your size or style. Keep essentials like winter coats, but get rid of old t-shirts that you haven’t worn in years. Shoes tend to accumulate in the back of closets. Clear these out, select a few pairs that you know you wear on a regular basis and get rid of all the others.

2. Unused Cups and Dishes

Not only are these hard to pack and heavy to carry, but they’re also inexpensive to replace should you need to. You have a selection of dishes that you use on a daily basis, so stick with those and get rid of the rest. Coffee mugs are some of the worst offenders. If you are like most people, you have two or maybe three that you use on a rotating basis. Pack these old standbys and get rid of the others.

3. Posters and Bland Art

Art bought from department stores tends to all look the same. It’s not bad, exactly; it’s just not very good. All those posters and prints probably came with the apartment, so leave them behind for the next person to enjoy. Bring with you only the artwork you actually enjoy – the items you actually spent money on. Cheap posters don’t count; those never survive the move anyway.

4. Promotional Items From Work

Are you still hanging on to that water bottle from two jobs ago? You can get rid of it. Branded promotional items won in drawings or given away for free clutter up your home and are more hassle than they’re worth. You don’t need that stress ball or notepad. You’re sure to find more of those items once you arrive in your new home.

5. Stuffed Toys

Some people are very attached to stuffed toys; they might have been given as a gift from a partner or parent. Hang on to one or two special toys but give the rest to a thrift shop to brighten the day of a needy child.

6. Soaps and Bath Products

These tend to leak everywhere, even if they’re carefully packed. They’re heavy and awkward, too. Some moving companies won’t accept certain personal care products at all.

A New Start in a New Home

Your new home gives you an opportunity to start fresh. Get rid of the junk before making the move.

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